US alliance and Trump

In the light of remarks he made during the campaign, Donald Trump’s election raises questions about the extent to which Australia can rely on the United States of America for military protection. The folly of over-reliance on a foreign power for the nation’s defence should now be absolutely clear. No doubt senior figures in our defence establishment are grappling with this realization right now.


What they should do is look on this as an opportunity to completely re-assess Australia’s approach to its defence. The hallmark of any truly independent nation is, surely, the willingness and capacity for that nation to look after its own defence. Now is the time to open debate on how Australia might best do just that.


The strategic situation was fluid enough before the election. We now face a very uncertain future. This is the time for Australians to accept the reality of true independence and the responsibilities that that brings. Time for the nation to stand up and assert with confidence that we can look after ourselves!


Nick Deane

Marrickville Peace Group