Threat of US war launched from Australian soil

Friday, August 23, 2013

Australia could be the base for war waged by US Marines stationed in Darwin, according to a report recently released in Washington.

US Navy Operations chief Jon Greenert says the US navy plans to provide amphibious lift for US marines with an Amphibious Readiness Group stationed close to Darwin, probably on the Pacific island of Guam.

“The Marines were supposed to be in Australia for training. Now we are told they will be operating out of Australia. Not training but killing,” Denis Doherty from the Anti-Bases campaign said in Sydney today.

“For months we have been asking the Australian Government for assurances that US military on our soil will not be used for aggressive actions.

“The replies received from the PM’s office have not addressed that crucial question.  We have been asking since April 2012.  No straightforward answer has been forthcoming.

“We have already concluded that the government has received no such assurances, so in our most recent letter we have put it to Mr. Rudd that he could not provide the assurance we sought.

“Without that assurance and with the recent statement from the US Navy Operations Chief, it is clear that the US Marine can engage in hostilities from their base in Darwin.

“This move will damage Australia’s relations with China, our major trading partner, potentially damaging the Australian economy,” Denis Doherty continued.

“We have warned that the US strategic pivot to Australia and the Pacific could turn all Australia into a US base and we are watching our worst fears come true.  The US pivot is increasing tension in the whole region, it is in fact making us less secure and poorer as we pour resources into military assets we do not need for the sake of the US.

“First marines, war games, ship and plane visits and drones, then the announcement of planes to be stationed in the NT, and now an amphibious group to take the marines to war.

“What further agreements are being secretly negotiated now?” Denis Doherty asked.


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