Submarines at naval arms bazaar protest – media

Media Release

5th October 2013

Peace activists will bring their own submarines to highlight the waste of billions of dollars at a protest at the Convention/Exhibition Centre at DarlingHarbour on Monday 7 October at 11 am.

“We strongly object to Pacific 2013 which is an arms bazaar staged to coincide with the Fleet Review,” Denis Doherty from the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition said in Sydney this morning.

“We oppose the military build up in our region which threatens to bring war to our doorstep.

“We do not need an arms bazaar to promote aggressive naval acquisitions and activities. We do not need a regional arms race,” he said.

“Much of the $153 billion earmarked by government for an upgrade of ADF weaponry is to fund an unprecedented increase in naval power.

“Such over-priced, over-sophisticated procurements will make us poorer, not safer.

“We need to decrease, not increase, Australia’s already exorbitant military spending of $68 million every day.

“We need peace and confidence building to help grow a sustainable economy in Australia and the region, ensuring a rising quality of life in our and our neighbours’ communities.

“To preserve our national security and sovereignty, we need to stand on our own two feet.

“Australia’s military ties with the US undermine our independence and distract us from the greatest threat to our nation’s security – environmental degradation,” Denis Doherty concluded.


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