Submarines at arms bazaar protest

Media Release Monday 7 October 2013

 Submarines at arms bazaar protest

A three metre submarine will star at a picket outside the Darling Harbour Convention Centre today at 11 am to condemn the Pacific 2013 arms bazaar.

“Modern warfare is catastrophic. The toll in human life, injury and dislocation demands a massive reduction in weapons production,” Denis Doherty from the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign said.

“Instead we have offensively lush arms bazaars such as PACIFIC 2013.

“Excessive defence spending diverts public money from meeting human needs and it creates relatively few jobs,” he said.

“For every job created in the arms industry, between three and seven could be created in health, education and clean energy.

“We cannot afford to house the people of our country but we can afford warships and submarines.

“There is something wrong here,” Mr Doherty said.


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