Rally against threat of “oblivion”


A protest against the possibility of war with North Korea is to be held at 10am on Saturday 19th August in Town Hall Square. (For inquiries contact Dr Hannah Middleton on 0418 668 098)


“We want a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula and a nuclear-free world, not oblivion,” Peter Murphy from the Sydney Peace & Justice Coalition and one of the speakers at the rally, said in Sydney today:

“The Turnbull government should support the Chinese and Russian call for US military rehearsals of an invasion of North Korea to be cancelled, as a way to de-escalate the threats of nuclear war.”

Denis Doherty from the Anti-Bases Campaign will MC the rally. He commented that “we applaud Peter Hartcher (SMH 15/8/17) who pointed out that

“North Korea is always careful to avoid threatening a first strike on the US or any country.

North Korea consistently says, ‘If the US attacks us first, we will fight back’. The only thing that gets reported in the US media is the second clause, not the first.

“So their comments are clearly deterrent in nature, and the Guam ‘threat’ was exactly along those lines. So we always overhype the North Korean threat.”

“What’s true of the US media is equally true of the Australian.

“But this overhyping, with threats and counter threats, means the chances of stumbling into a nuclear war have risen greatly,” Mr Doherty stressed.

“We must make sure that this does not happen!”


For further information, please contact Peter Murphy on 0418 312 301 or Denis Doherty on 0418 290 663