Pine Gap — time for Australians to decide

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Friday, November 1, 2013


Pressure is building for a public enquiry into the Pine Gap military base.

“Pine Gap was set up in secret and sold to the Australian people by deception as a space research station,” said Denis Doherty, national co-ordinator of the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition (AABCC).

“In reality Pine Gap has been used in the past and is used today by the United States to spy on both its enemies and its allies. It collects political, military, diplomatic. commercial and economic intelligence for the US.

The base is used to spy on Australian citizens and the Government of our country.

“Edward Snowden has exposed Pine Gap’s role in intercepting the private messages of individuals.

“Now we learn that Australia is complicit in US intelligence gathering about Indonesia and other countries of our region,” Mr Doherty went on.

“But these are just the countries where Australia should be working to develop good neighbourly and mutually beneficial relations.

“The United States also uses the Pine Gap base to select targets for drone strikes in Pakistan and other countries, making Australia complicit in war crimes, crimes against humanity and human rights abuses.

“Our coalition has been arguing for a public enquiry into the role of Pine Gap for over 25 years.

“Australian governments must stop hiding behind claims they cannot discuss ‘security matters’ and come clean about what is actually going on at Pine Gap,” he said.

“The people of Australia have never been advised of the purpose or cost of Pine Gap.

“Now is the time for a public enquiry into the role of the Pine Gap, the United States surveillance and war fighting base in the centre of our country,” Mr Doherty concluded.

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