Peace groups call: Stop Military Exercises on Korean peninsula

A protest against the possibility of war with North Korea is to be held at 10am on Saturday 19th August in Town Hall Square. (For inquiries contact Dr Hannah Middleton on 0418 668 098)


Peace groups will call for Australia to withdraw from the OS-South Korean Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercises due to be held from August 21 to August 31.


“It is destabilising, provocative and extremely dangerous for the US to hold war games in the middle of the escalating North Korean military crisis,” said Denis Doherty from the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign.


“Instead of joining the war games and helping to inflame tensions, the Australian Government should be helping international moves to start negotiations to calm tensions and seek peaceful solutions.


The planned military exercises have sparked protests in the South Korean capital Seoul,

One of the rally speakers, Kathy Fairfax from the Socialist Alliance. said:

“We should all be concerned about US President Donald Trump’s statement that any threats from North Korea would be ‘met with fire and fury like the world has never seen’. But we should be just as concerned with the gushing response from the PM who said Australia would join in any war with the US.

“While we do not support any country having nuclear weapons, it’s clear that the US President, who is looking to boost his popularity, is manufacturing a crisis in the Korean peninsula which has the potential to ignite a dangerous war for the region.

“Now is the time to de-escalate and break from the ANZUS alliance.”

Nick Deane from the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network said:

“The response of the Australian Government to the recent increase in tension over North Korea has been misleading in relation to ANZUS, and shows little sign of any attempt to achieve a peaceful solution.  The ANZUS treaty does not require military action from Australia, but rather consultation, in the event of any attack directed at the U.S.

“The Prime Minister’s immediate response – supporting the US to the hilt – reflects an appalling lack of judgement about the risks of nuclear war and potentially endangers millions of lives including Australians.”