Pace for Peace Sunday Sept 21 – UN International Day of Peace

railway sq2This is where to find us

September 21 is United Nations International
Day of Peace


Join us to mark the day

Railway Square

12.30 to 1.30 pm

Sunday, September 21

Parliament should decide if Australia goes to war. Not Tony Abbott. On this Day of Peace we demand the right to have a say in the most serious national decision – sending young Australian men and women overseas to fight in a war.

The result was nearly 5000 coalition troops and about one million Iraqi civilians dead and a country devastated and unstable. ‘Why are we preparing to repeat a military intervention when it was such an obvious failure?’ Why should we believe they will do any better a second time?

Australia spends massively on all things military:- new warships, planes and submarines; drones, US bases and military exercises  – but the Liberal Government says we cannot afford proper health-care, education, welfare and more. This is unacceptable.’

Pacing for Peace


Join us

We will pace around this area with placards (based on the way our American friends protest) so cars passing by, pedestrians on the streets and people waiting for buses can see our messages.

Bring a placard with your slogan
or use one of ours

If the Australian Government was serious about helping the Iraqi minorities, rather than following the US into military intervention, it would immediately:

  •  Expand the refugee program and offer sanctuary to the displaced and traumatised
  •  Send humanitarian aid — food; engineers; doctors and constructions workers

Sending yet more armaments to the area, which is already wracked by years of warfare, will not reduce the level of violence.

The region needs less weaponry, not more.


Authorised by Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN-NSW), Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition, Marrickville Peace Group, Stop the War Coalition. Contact Nick 0420 526 929 or Denis 0418 290 663