Letter regarding the women’s boat to Gaza


Friday, October 07, 2016

To: The Hon Julie Bishop

Foreign Minister

c/- Australian Parliament


Dear Minister,

Release the women’s boat to Gaza

As a person who frequently cites that Australia has the right of ‘freedom of navigation’ in parts of the South China Sea yet when Israel is the only nation that does not allow that freedom you are strangely silent.


We call on you to follow the rules you so stringently support on freedom of Navigation and condemn Israel for its capture and holding of the women’s boat to Gaza.  In the midst of an illegal blockade on the people of the most densely populated part of the globe these humanitarians are being made to look like criminals when the state of Israel is the committer of crimes.  There has been more attention to the budgies smugglers of Malaysia then to the Australian citizen caught up in this mess.


We call on you to act loudly and publically to support humanitarians of the world vs your support for the Australian yobbos in Malaysia.


Speak out for those women and show yourself to be a person with real humanitarian values.  Call for the immediate release of those women including the Australian citizens they are the pride of our world not Israeli Navy or Government.


Yours sincerely



Denis Doherty

For Anti-Bases