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Australia rejects beginning of the end of the nuclear age

“We condemn the Australian Government in the strongest possible terms for refusing to join the United Nations negotiations leading to the recent adoption of the nuclear ban treaty and for rejecting the newly-adopted treaty,” said Denis Doherty from the Sydney Hiroshima Day Committee.

“Despite the resistance of Australia, the U.S and some other states, the nuclear ban treaty marks the beginning of the end of the nuclear age.

“The 122 nations that adopted the nuclear ban treaty acted on behalf of every citizen of the world who values the future of humanity and our planet.

“It provides an alternative vision for the human future, one in which nuclear weapons are seen for the threat they pose to all humanity, one in which nuclear possessors will be stigmatised for the threats they pose to all life,” Mr Doherty said.

Australia’s opposition reflects the United States belief that the treaty is “incompatible with the policy of nuclear deterrence, which has been essential to keeping the peace in Europe and North Asia for over 70 years.” Others would take issue with their conclusion, arguing that, in addition to overlooking the Korean War and other smaller wars, peace in Europe and North Asia has been kept not because of nuclear deterrence but in spite of it.

The occasions on which nuclear deterrence has come close to failure, including during the Cuban missile crisis, are well known. The absolute belief of Australia in nuclear deterrence seems more theological than practical.

If Australia was truly interested in promoting international peace, stability and security, the government would be seeking all available avenues to eliminate nuclear weapons from the world.

We will be commemorating the anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945 and demanding that the government sign the new treaty on August 6

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Ban the Bomb

Hiroshima Never Again

March and Rally Sunday Aug 6, 1 pm at Hyde Park Nth (Archibald Fountain

Media Release 2

August 3, 2017

Australia Must Sign Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons


We are gathering on August 6, the 72nd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima by the US in 1945, to demand that the Australian Government sign the new United Nations  “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons,” a treaty that categorically prohibits the possession, use, and threat of use of nuclear weapons.

The treaty represents humanity finally standing up for sanity and its own survival 72 years into the nuclear age.

Considered an historic step toward creating a safer and more secure world, the treaty expresses in its preamble deep concern “about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences that would result from any use of nuclear weapons.” It further recognises “the consequent need to completely eliminate such weapons, which remains the only way to guarantee that nuclear weapons are never used again under any circumstances.”

The treaty is a clear indication that the majority of the world’s countries no longer accept nuclear weapons and do not consider them legitimate. It demonstrates that the indiscriminate mass killing of civilians is unacceptable and that it is not possible to use nuclear weapons consistent with the laws of war.

While Australia chose to boycott the negotiations, their repeated objections demonstrate that this treaty has the potential to significantly impact behaviour regarding nuclear weapons issues. Previous weapon prohibition treaties, including the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, have demonstrated that changing international norms leads to concrete changes in policies and behaviors, even in states not party to the treaty.


Hiroshima Day March and Rally

Sunday Aug 6, 1 pm Hyde Park Nth (Archibald Fountain)

For more information contact:

Denis Doherty 0418 290 663

Media Release 3


Government not learning lessons of Hiroshima

The threat of war, even nuclear war, is all around us.  Currently in our region there are rising tensions between the US and North Korea, the US and China, the US and Russia and most recently China and India. All these protagonists are nuclear armed and should there be any exchange of nuclear weapons between them, the results for the world would be catastrophic.

“Our Foreign Minister is upset that North Korea is allegedly able to fire a nuclear weapon at Australia.  We do not support any threatened or actual nuclear attack on Australia but we ask the Australian Government why have they neglected the one technique that would ensure that Australia does not come under a nuclear attack?” said Denis Doherty from the Hiroshima Day Committee.

“We refer to their scandalous boycotting of the UN negotiations on the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty in July 2017.

“No one should have nuclear weapons. Using nuclear weapons would be disastrous for the world and the humanitarian consequences of such an exchange are too horrible contemplate.

“In this time of threat, we need the citizens of world to come out onto the streets and demand an end to nuclear war, nuclear weapons and the infrastructure needed to prosecute a nuclear war.

“We need the Australian Government to sign up to the United Nations treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons for ever.

“We are a nuclear target because of our military alliance with the US. Its time we freed ourselves from this burdensome alliance and its appalling human and financial costs and established an independent nuclear-free policy,” Mr Doherty concluded.

March for peace

Hiroshima never again!

Event details

Hiroshima March and Rally

Sunday August 6, 1 pm at Hyde Park North


For more details contact:  Denis Doherty 0418 290 663