Demo organised by IPAN and Anti-Bases – Stop the bombing

Protesting the use of Australian forces to bomb Syria.  Demo Sept 21


It means more death and destruction, more refugees,
ISIS flourishing


Sydney peace activists will this afternoon picket the DefencePlaza in Pitt Street to express their anger that Australia has joined the US in bombing targets in Syria.


“We are here today because September 21 is International Peace Day,” Denis Doherty from the Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition said.


“Bombing targets within Syria is a major escalation of Australia’s military commitment,


“It will undoubtedly add to the chaos and suffering in Syria.


“It will mean the deaths of more civilians and probably increase in the numbers of refugees desperate to leave the region,” he continued.


“Intervention hasn’t worked and isn’t working. It is time for us to admit this and seek new strategies. Why persist in repeating the patterns that we can all see to be failing?


“After more than a decade, it should be clear that military intervention in the Middle East has been an utter failure. It has achieved no worthwhile outcome in Iraq, instead reducing that once prosperous nation to destitution,” Denis Doherty said.


“Many respected observers attribute the growth of fundamentalist militarism to the large scale Western interventions in the Middle East over the past few decades.


“We hope that the new Turnbull Government will realise that increased military activity adds fuel to the fire that is ISIS and worsens the refugee crisis the world is facing.


“Its time to end the government’s policy of engaging in military action whenever it suits the interests of the USA. Military power does not and cannot solve international problems,” Denis Doherty concluded.




270 Pitt StreetSydney



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