Demo at Plibersek’s Office July 12 2012

Money for public health, not for war

Media Release


Money for public health, not for war


US Marines, drones and submarines will dominate a rally demanding a cut in military spending to be held outside Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek’s Sydney office at 4.30pm on Thursday 12 July.


The Keep War From Our Door – Wave of Hope (KWFOD) network will be presenting a letter to Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek, arguing that part of the present military budget of $80 million a day should be spent on public health.


“The Federal Government remains committed to big military spending,” Professor Jake Lynch from KWFOD said.


“Australia’s military spending will continue to be the highest regionally and, per capita, second only to theUSA, the world’s biggest military spender.


“There are moral, social and economic reasons to transfer part ofAustralia’s military spending to meet outstanding public health needs such as the critical shortage of nurses that is predicted to hit 109,000 by 2025.


“We are concerned about the serious consequences for Australians of the Government’s agreement to host US Marines inDarwinand to expand US military bases and training facilities inAustralia,” he said.


“We agree with former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser who says:


Australia should not do anything that suggests that we could be part of a policy of military containment of China, but marines in Darwin, spy planes in Cocos Island make us part of that policy of containment.


This is the wrong way to preserve peace and security. We should not be part of it.


“For genuine military and economic security inAustralia, our foreign policy needs to be built upon mutual trust and understanding between the peoples ofAustraliaand the Asia Pacific,” Professor Lynch continued.


“We wish to share a safe home in a region built on friendship, trust and the peaceful resolution of disputes and differences.”


For more information please contact Professor Jake Lynch on 0420 980 010

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Thursday 12 July                                       4.30 – 5.30pm

Electoral Office of Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek
150 Broadway, Chippendale (near Broadway shopping centre)