IPAN-NSW media on Australia’s involvement in war in Iraq


October 3, 2014


The NSW branch of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN-NSW) condemns the PM’s announcement of renewed Australian participation in the Middle East and warns that military intervention is doomed to fail.


Spokesperson for IPAN-NSW, Mr Nick Deane, said –

“The policy of military intervention in the Middle East has a proven track record of failure. After 13 years, it has only served to harden the resolve of fanatics.”

“What is more, the growing US military presence in Australia has weakened our capacity to make independent decisions about going to war. The Force Posture Agreement made last August signified the lasting presence of US marines and the integration of Australian forces into the American attack formation.”

“We are now less free than ever to choose whether or not to be implicated in whatever military misadventure the USA decides to pursue.”


According to Mr Deane, the decision to send Australia to war again has had too much influence from the USA and not enough from the Australian Parliament. He said –

“RAAF assets were pre-positioned in Saudi Arabia nearly three weeks ago – that’s time during which parliament could have publicly debated the pros and cons of our participation in the spreading conflict. Non-violent responses to ISIS were not given proper consideration before Australia resorted to going back to waging war. It is clear that the decision had more influence from the USA and less from the parliament than most Australians would think appropriate.”


“The decision to go to war is so serious as to require the broadest possible participation. Here in Australia we’ve made a habit of tightening the circle of decision-making, giving too much authority to the National Security Committee of Cabinet. This has given disproportionate influence to our American allies.”


“Just as millions protested the invasion of Iraq in 2003, we can expect the Australian people to express their outrage at more bombing. The cost will run in many millions of dollars that should have been spent on health, housing, education etc. at home.”


Nick Deane


Stop Anti-Muslim Feelings

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Australian Anti-Bases Coalition, one of the largest peace organisations in Australia, I send all the members of your mosque warmest greetings on the occasion of your Eid-al-Adha festival.

We are ashamed and concerned by recent attacks on Muslims, especially Muslim women, and express our opposition to racism and our support for all members of our community, regardless of their religion or country of origin.

With every best wishes


Denis Doherty