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“What we believe in…”

  • We wish to share a safe home in the region, built on friendship, trust and the peaceful resolution of disputes and differences.
  • ·         We find that the recent ‘enhancements’ of the military relationship between Australia and the United States tend to jeopardise this wish. We view the alliance with the US to have become unbalanced, in that the US is taking significant, military decisions that impinge on Australia, that are not in this country’s best interests.
  • ·         We fear that the US pivot to the Asia-Pacific region disguises an aggressive stance towards China
  • We are witnessing a regional increase in military tension, in which the US may ultimately confront China.
  • ·         We are resolutely opposed to the presence of foreign forces on our shores, during this period of peace in our region.


  • ·         We believe that the permanent, rotational stationing of 2,500 US Marines in Darwin brings war closer to our doorstep.


  • ·         We are opposed to the expanded use of Australian airport facilities by aircraft of the USAF.


  • ·         We are opposed to the expanded use of Australian port facilities by the US Navy.


  • ·         We believe that Australia should assume greater independence in making military decisions. In particular, we believe that Australia should place more distance between itself and the US, militarily.