Anti-Bases Statement on US Bombing of Syria


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Condemnation of the US bombing of Syria

The Australian Anti-Bases Campaign unreservedly condemns the bombing of a Syrian airbase (April 6 2017) by the US based on the excuse of the use of chemical weapons.  We also condemns the weak response by both the Coalition Government and the right wing opposition Labor Party in which we see a complete dereliction of duty to pursue to peaceful means.  Instead both the Australian Government and the ALP opposition are in lock step agreement with the disastrous US bombing.


“After years of supporting the insurgency against the Assad Government in Syria, the US is trying to puff itself up as being on the moral high ground.  The US has supplied the insurgents with weapons and some of these have made their way to the hands of the IS.  The US’s allies namely Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Gulf States have financed the IS while the US has turned a blind eye to the damage and civilian deaths caused.”  Said Denis Doherty of the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition (AABCC).


“The arms used by the IS are all US made and the Toyotas used by this force is likewise a direct result of the US support and financing of the jihadists.  Meanwhile the legitimate Government of Syria with all its faults is battling a massive insurgency which is financed with US cooperation by countries with deep pockets such as Saudi Arabia.


“The claims of the US of concern ring especially hollow, as the US just killed over 230 civilians including children in Mosul.  The western world’s response was a sympathetic murmur of ‘collateral damage’ such indulgence is not afforded to Assad.  The US and Australian Governments are puffing themselves up as being concerned with civilian casualties when they are just as bad.  A person killed by a weapon which is either ‘nice’ US one or a chemical is still dead.


The US inspected Assad’s stockpile of chemical weapons and then destroyed them.  As in Iraq the US is now declaring Assad must have hidden some but how can we trust them after the disaster it caused in Iraq?


A determined effort by the US and Australia to assist a cease fire being enacted would see their efforts being more positive and advantageous to peace.  Instead the US and Australia always rely on military force which is totally ineffective and spreads more misery and death.  Shame on the Trump administration and the weak irresponsible Australian Government and Opposition.