About Us

IPAN(NSW) changed its name in December 2012. Beforehand the organisation was called ‘Keep War From Our Door’. It first came together in April 2012.


IPAN(NSW) is a coalition of individuals and community groups from NSW, that share a common interest in matters of peace and all things that threaten peace.


The significant event that first drew us together was the announcement made jointly by US President Barack Obama and PM Julia Gillard, on 16 November 2011, that US Marines were to be stationed in Darwin.


Membership of IPAN(NSW) includes religious, political and community organisations and concerned individuals.


IPAN(NSW) campaigns actively against the deployment of US Marines to Darwin and against the expanded use of Australian facilities by US armed forces. It does this by engaging senior members of the government in correspondence and by organising public events such as meetings, conferences and demonstrations.


IPAN(NSW) is closely affiliated with the national organisation – ‘Independent and Peaceful Australia Network’ (IPAN) – which came into being in September 2012.