Move the Money – Global Day of Action to Reduce Military Spending

Time for the Australian Government to reduce military spending


Australia is among the top five spenders on armaments in our region, joining China, India, Japan and South Korea in the club of big military spenders on the military, according to figures published today by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).


According to the SIPRI data, world military expenditure increased in 2016 by 0.4% in real terms, and is now estimated at roughly $1686 billion. The top 10 spenders in 2016 were the USA, Russia, China Saudi Arabia, India, France, UK, Japan, Germany and South Korea.


SIPRI comments that “What we see is a predatory system of greed and power, a system that exploits the natural resources and energy of most of the world, and for this the military is the primary tool. For this reason, military spending must be reduced if we want to ensure a fair distribution of natural resources and an effective world decolonization. “


Australia will spend an estimated $1 trillion on war preparations over the next 20 years,” said Denis Doherty of Anti-Bases Campaign.


“We say Australia has a duty to reduce military spending in this time of high tension in the region brought on by the rash actions of the Trump administration.


“There has been an international campaign, including around Australia, in recent days, calling for a cut in the arms race.


“The aim is to push governments to invest money in human needs including health, education, employment and climate change rather than military.


“It is more and more urgent to drastically cut military spending worldwide and redirect this money to the promotion of human rights and to the construction a new, peaceful way of life based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


“It is urgent that we build human security structures worldwide and at the same time put a stop to war and destruction. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are examples of wars that have destroyed countries and their people. The vast majority of humankind desires a peaceful life,” Mr. Doherty said.



Pine Gap Alice Springs Company targeted by protesters

Media Release

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pine Gap Alice Springs Company targeted by protesters

Raytheon the private contractor behind much of Pine Gap’s work has become a target of protesters who are in Alice Springs to commemorate Pine Gap’s 50 year history of creating instability and war.  Situated in a non-descript building in Whittaker Street, Raytheon Australia, the subsidiary of one of the largest arms dealers in the world, expects to ply its trade without hindrance.

“We mean to upset this smugness which permeates this horrendous corporation whose self-advertising slogan is laughingly ‘keeping the world safe’, it means to do this by massive weaponised force!  Said Denis Doherty of the Anti-Bases Campaign.


“In regard to Pine Gap alone Raytheon has much to answer for, creating the software to spy on civilians, to direct drones and to target areas of the world where Australia is not at war with such as Yemen and Somalia. Said Nick Deane from Independent and Peaceful Australia Netowork.


“Commentary on Raytheon in the US says the following Raytheon doesn’t have an army of tax collectors, but they certainly do have the money to buy off politicians, and then get those politicians to buy their products with tax payer money.  Now they are doing the same in Australia where Raytheon has big contracts with the Government for a huge range of expensive items.  We call Raytheon a public funded merchant.  Said Dr. Hannah Middleton Anti-Bases Campaign


“It is time to shine a light on this massive corporate giant which leeches resources away from much needed services such as health and education to weaponry which in turn creates more use of weaponry and more distress.  Mr Deane continued.


Raytheon is not a good corporate citizen but simply a privatized conglomerate to wage war for 0.1% of the USA.

Details: 8 Whittaker St Alice Springs Sept 29 2.30 pm

For more information:  contact Hannah Middleton 0418 668 098, Nick Deane 0420 526929, Denis Doherty 0418 290 663



Radome Rising in Town Hall Square


A radome will be constructed in Sydney’s Town Hall Square at 12 noon this Saturday.

The dome is a replica of the radomes that cover the radio and radar antennae at the Central Australian war fighting and espionage base at Pine Gap.

Spokesperson for the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) Nick Deane said:-

“We hope our radome will make people curious about what is going on, on Australian territory, at Pine Gap.

“We want people to ask questions about Pine Gap, in Sydney on Saturday and in Alice Springs in September when IPAN will hold a conference with national and international speakers to mark the 50th anniversary of the agreement setting up Pine Gap.

“There is much that the public does not know about the activities that take place at Pine Gap

“Pine Gap ties Australia into the American military machine and thus places our nation at risk,” Nick Deane said.

“It provides a target for any enemy of America, regardless of whether or not Australia is the attacker’s enemy.”

“Pine Gap contributes crucial tracking and targeting information for US drone strikes across the globe.

“Thousands of civilians have been killed by US drone strikes. In Pakistan, for example, drones have killed, maimed and traumatised hundreds of men, women and children.

“The Pine Gap drone program makes Australia complicit in war crimes.

“Pine Gap’s activities have far-reaching implications for Australia’s foreign relations, and we, the people, should know more about them than we are currently allowed to know,” Mr Deane concluded.


Contact Nick Deane 0420 526 929 or Denis Doherty          0418 290 663


Bringing Peace to Parramatta

20140423 F35Peace activists will congregate in Parramatta Square at noon on Friday April 15 as part of the Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), sponsored by the Geneva-based International Peace Bureau (IPB).


‘Pop-Up’ Petition.

Activists from the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition (AABCC) and the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) will gather signatures for one hour on a ‘Pop-Up’ petition, calling for the deal to purchase the F35 Joint Strike Fighter to be scrapped.


Model F35 Joint Strike Fighter

They will carry a model of the F35 – wall-papered with $100 bills – to illustrate the vast expense of this aircraft. Speakers, including Greens candidate Phil Bradley, will emphasise the manner in which all government programs are being cut back – with the single and notable exception of the Defence Budget.


Visiting the Minister

After collecting signatures for just one hour, they will deliver the signed originals to the Minister for Defence, Senator Marise Payne, at her office in Macquarie Street, Parramatta.



Ann Wright speaks to Australians

At a meeting at the Teacher’s Federation on Tuesday 16 Feb Ann Wright spoke to around 40 people from many parts of Sydney.  Her main message was do not trust your government to act in your best interests.  Question, resist and protest.

see you tube:


Demo organised by IPAN and Anti-Bases – Stop the bombing

Protesting the use of Australian forces to bomb Syria.  Demo Sept 21


It means more death and destruction, more refugees,
ISIS flourishing


Sydney peace activists will this afternoon picket the DefencePlaza in Pitt Street to express their anger that Australia has joined the US in bombing targets in Syria.


“We are here today because September 21 is International Peace Day,” Denis Doherty from the Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition said.


“Bombing targets within Syria is a major escalation of Australia’s military commitment,


“It will undoubtedly add to the chaos and suffering in Syria.


“It will mean the deaths of more civilians and probably increase in the numbers of refugees desperate to leave the region,” he continued.


“Intervention hasn’t worked and isn’t working. It is time for us to admit this and seek new strategies. Why persist in repeating the patterns that we can all see to be failing?


“After more than a decade, it should be clear that military intervention in the Middle East has been an utter failure. It has achieved no worthwhile outcome in Iraq, instead reducing that once prosperous nation to destitution,” Denis Doherty said.


“Many respected observers attribute the growth of fundamentalist militarism to the large scale Western interventions in the Middle East over the past few decades.


“We hope that the new Turnbull Government will realise that increased military activity adds fuel to the fire that is ISIS and worsens the refugee crisis the world is facing.


“Its time to end the government’s policy of engaging in military action whenever it suits the interests of the USA. Military power does not and cannot solve international problems,” Denis Doherty concluded.




270 Pitt StreetSydney



For further comment, please contact Denis Doherty on 0418 290 663

Visit our websites:,

Facebook: ozantibases

Don’t be Yanked into War Games

yanked singleJuly 6, 2015


Don’t Be Yanked Into War Games

“Don’t be yanked into war games” is the call of a protest to be held in Sydney’s CBD today to protest against the coming Talisman Sabre war games.


“Talisman Sabre is a joint United States-Australian rehearsal for war that takes place every two years in Australia, primarily on the central coast of Queensland at ShoalwaterBay, north of Rockhampton,” said Nick Deane from Independent and Peaceful Australia (IPAN).


“The 2015 Talisman Sabre war games will involve 22,000 US troops, 12,000 Australians as well as military from New Zealand and Japan engaged in nuclear-weapons-capable land, sea and air warfare practice.


“Held in July, they will be the biggest military exercises ever to take place in Australia – and this in a time of regional peace,” he said.


Peace and environmental activists will gather in Town Hall Square at 12 noon and then walk to the DefencePlaza in Pitt Street where they will sing their protest to the military and Defence Department bureaucrats.


“Our message to the government is simple,” Denis Doherty from the Anti-Bases Campaign coalition (AABCC) said.


“The exercises deepen Australia’s military involvement with the world’s most aggressive nation, the US. Australia can no longer operate independent of the US in military matters.


“They send a clear message to China that if conflict breaks out between the US and China, Australia will take part with the US, Denis Doherty said.


“Activities associated with preparing for war cause extreme damage to the environment. TS2015 is no exception. During the exercises two years ago, unexploded bombs were dropped on the Great Barrier Reef.


“Preparing for war diverts money from alternative, peaceful activities and takes it away from essential social services.


“The Talisman Sabre war games are not in our best interests and should be cancelled,” Denis Doherty concluded.




Talisman Sabre 15 and US Navy

Media Release


Talisman Sabre a threat to the Reef

While the USS Antietam and other US Ships are berthing at Garden Island in Sydney Harbour to be part of the  military exercises in and around the Great Barrier Reef.  Talisman Sabre is being held in the southern most part of the Reef around Rockhampton this month.  This area is the most damaged part of the reef.

“It is ironic that the day after Australia gets a strong warning to do more to protect the Reef, the Prime Minister is rejoicing in the presence of another country’s navy ships as they prepare to threaten the Reef.  This exercise will cost around $100 million and is about the same as the amount spent on protecting the Reef.”  Said Denis Doherty of the Anti-Bases Campaign.

“We ask how can exercises of many navy ships and submarines be of benefit to the ecology of the Reef?  Does bombing, straffing and transporting of dangerous goods over the reef protect the Reef?  A previous exercise dumped ammunition into the sea near the reef during a storm.

“We reject the use of the military for disaster relief and the sinister inclusion of civilian elements of this society in this exercise, it will mean that this society will be becoming more militarised.”

“This exercise is designed to increase tension with China with the inclusion of Japanese forces in the mix.

We call for an immediate cancellation of the exercise for the good of the Reef and this society.

We will hold an anti-Talisman Sabre demonstration outside the Defence Plaza Pitt St on Monday July 6 at 12 noon.

For more information




Report on the UN International Day of Peace Sept 21

We distributed this leaflet x 200

On the occasion of United Nations
International Day of Peace, September 21, peace groups say:


Both major political parties are once again standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the US, in support of what amounts to a new military intervention in Iraq.

The process began with the dropping of humanitarian aid supplies to the Yezidi. It has now moved on to the delivery of weapons and munitions to
Kurdish Peshmerga forces. Meanwhile, Defence
Minister David Johnston has indicated that Australian armed forces (Super Hornet warplanes and C130s) are to be made available to support
whatever action the US decides upon.  Now Australia is joining in with bombing of
Islamic State forces.

All of this has happened with scarcely any discussion — in or outside Parliament. No questioning or dissent has been heard in this drive towards intervention and, possibly, eventual war. However, a recent poll shows that 78% of the population opposes having Australian ‘boots on the ground’ in Iraq.

Even the proposal that there be a parliamentary debate about the intervention, so that the government could make its case to the Australian people, has been opposed by both major parties. There is no possibility for the parliament to take any part in the decision to send Australian forces overseas.  And it has certainly not explained what Australia hopes to achieve.

Horror in Iraq

The horror in Iraq today is a direct consequence of the war that
began with the invasion of 2003. John Howard’s Government joined that invasion on the basis of falsehoods and against the opinion of the majority of the population. It appears that the present government is eagerly waiting for a request to follow the US once again.

The West’s propping up of the repressive regime that followed laid the basis for the emergence of the Islamic State (IS) fundamentalists. IS has become the latest reason for intervention. Ironically, it is using weapons captured from the Iraqi army and originally supplied by the US.

The lesson that should have been learnt from Iraq is that
military meddling in Middle East affairs does not work.

The Australian Government has not exhausted all possible non-violent means of countering the savage IS campaigns. Where is the pressure from the US and Australia to stop the supply of weapons to these forces?

We are outraged by the brutality of IS. However the Abbott Government should respect international law and human rights instead of contributing to unilateral military intervention.

The US created the chaos and violence in Iraq. Why should we put our sons and daughters in harms way again when we are likely to make an appalling situation even worse?

The Abbott Government will spend $500 million to send troops to kill people in the Middle East. It has sent just $8 million to save people facing the Ebola virus in Africa. Government priorities are distorted.

It is time for us all to stand up for peace with justice.

Contact us via
Facebook: Australian Anti-Bases Coalition -like us
Twitter: Ozantibases – follow us

Authorised by Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (NSW), Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition, Marrickville Peace Group, People for Nuclear Disarmament (WA), Stop the War Coalition


20140921_123555 20140921_132150

Pace for Peace Sunday Sept 21 – UN International Day of Peace

railway sq2This is where to find us

September 21 is United Nations International
Day of Peace


Join us to mark the day

Railway Square

12.30 to 1.30 pm

Sunday, September 21

Parliament should decide if Australia goes to war. Not Tony Abbott. On this Day of Peace we demand the right to have a say in the most serious national decision – sending young Australian men and women overseas to fight in a war.

The result was nearly 5000 coalition troops and about one million Iraqi civilians dead and a country devastated and unstable. ‘Why are we preparing to repeat a military intervention when it was such an obvious failure?’ Why should we believe they will do any better a second time?

Australia spends massively on all things military:- new warships, planes and submarines; drones, US bases and military exercises  – but the Liberal Government says we cannot afford proper health-care, education, welfare and more. This is unacceptable.’

Pacing for Peace


Join us

We will pace around this area with placards (based on the way our American friends protest) so cars passing by, pedestrians on the streets and people waiting for buses can see our messages.

Bring a placard with your slogan
or use one of ours

If the Australian Government was serious about helping the Iraqi minorities, rather than following the US into military intervention, it would immediately:

  •  Expand the refugee program and offer sanctuary to the displaced and traumatised
  •  Send humanitarian aid — food; engineers; doctors and constructions workers

Sending yet more armaments to the area, which is already wracked by years of warfare, will not reduce the level of violence.

The region needs less weaponry, not more.


Authorised by Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN-NSW), Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition, Marrickville Peace Group, Stop the War Coalition. Contact Nick 0420 526 929 or Denis 0418 290 663